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Disinfectant (fumigation of the environment and treatment of drinking water, facilities and equipment)




It is a disinfectant specially developed from a modified and patented formula of Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, which allows it to be highly effective, even against naked viruses, without polluting the environment and being safe in continuous disinfection programs, since It can be used in disinfection of the environment, the presence of animals and water treatment.




  • The only one on the market that can be used safely even in the presence of animals.
  • Patented formula with reduced toxicity, wide safety margin, low environmental impact and high efficiency.
  • Ideal for the control and reduction of the spread of infectious processes produced by viruses that are difficult to eliminate, such as naked viruses, highly resistant to most disinfectants
  • Viricidal, sporicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and algaecidal
  • High performance
  • It is not corrosive or oxidizing
  • Safe, effective and ecological


How to use


Ideal for cleaning, washing and disinfection of facilities, surfaces, equipment, utensils and instruments, for the disinfection of environments, even in the presence of animals. Intended for drinking water treatment. It helps prevent, reduce and slow the spread of diseases in the population.


For the disinfection of environments it can be used by aspersion or spray, without causing health risks in animals or operators. In addition, it is safe for use as a disinfectant in fertile eggs.