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VAXSAFE® MS is indicated as an aid in the control of airsacculitis and synovitis in broiler breeder and layer pullets caused by Mycoplasma synoviae (Ms).


COMPOSITION Each dose contains a live attenuated Mycoplasma synoviae, strain MS-H Living 24 x 106 ccu / dose.


WARNINGS • Correct storage and administration is essential for successful results, because this vaccine contains live organisms. • Thaw only sufficient vaccine for immediate use (within three hours). • Protect the thawed vaccine from direct sunlight, antiseptics and heat. • Do not dilute the vaccine. • Do not refreeze the vaccine after thawing. • Dispose of any unused vaccine. • Do no vaccinate pullets younger than 2 weeks of age. DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE Use only as directed in package insert. Individual vaccination via the eye drop route: • Gently flood the eye with one drop (about 30 µl) of vaccine. • Allow the fluid to spread across the eye and for the fowl to swallow before releasing it. • Vaccination needs only be done once. • Vaccinate pullets between 6 – 14 weeks of age