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A live freeze-dried vaccine to prevent Newcastle Disease in chickens. It is administered via coarse spray or eye drop method.



The vaccine may be administered by coarse spray or eye drop installation. (For eye drop application, the Intervet Diluent Oculo-Nasal may be used.)

Spray Method

  • Nobilis® ND Clone 30 should be dissolved in cool, clean, non-chlorinated water which is free from iron and chlorine.
  • The freeze-dried vaccine vials should be opened under water.
  • The spray apparatus should be free from sediments, corrosion and traces of disinfectants (preferably to be used for vaccination purposes only).
  • The vaccine medicated water should be spread evenly over the correct number of chickens, at a distance of 30 to 40 cm, preferably when the chickens are sitting together in dim light.
  • Dissolve 1 000 doses in 1 ℓ of water and set the nozzle to produce fine droplets falling like fine rain. (Aerosol generators should be used only when this is known to be safe in chickens).

Eye Drop Application

  • Dissolve the vaccine in physiological saline solution or the Intervet Diluent Oculo-Nasal may be used.
  • Administer by means of a standardised dropper (usually 30 mℓ per 1 000 doses).
  • A single drop should be applied from a height of a few centimetres onto 1 eye. The eye drop should be allowed to spread across the surface of the eye.
  • The diluent contains a dye (patent blue) which allows an easy check on the correct vaccination.
  • Do not release the chickens until a swallowing motion is noticed.